Safe and efficient transportation of electricity requires proper maintenance skills


Since the beginning of the 21st century, people's life rhythm and level have undergone earth-shaking changes. The entertainment facilities of life have gradually enriched. The increase of electronic equipment has put forward a new test for power supply capacity. Cables for transporting electric power need to be correspondingly implemented. To prevent the occurrence of fire, let rushing international to introduce some of this knowledge:


     1. Good environment to avoid aging and damage of power cables. The cable tunnel should be naturally ventilated, but when the normal load of the cable makes the air temperature in the tunnel higher than 40~50 °C, it can be ventilated by combining natural exhaust and mechanical exhaust. 2. Strengthen the test test of the cable. The cable's endurance should be tested accordingly, and the endurance should far exceed the working voltage. 3. Prevent other equipment from catching fire and igniting the cable. There are oil-filled electrical equipment and coal handling, milling system, and gasoline engine system that can cause the cable to catch fire.



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