The development prospects of power cables will be "a bright future"


With the continuous development of China's infrastructure construction, coupled with the tilt of government policies, China's power cable demand is growing year by year. China's economic development "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" outlines that if we want to optimize the development of energy, we must strengthen the construction of energy transmission channels. As a vital power link for the power system of China's oil and gas development platform, petroleum cable has always played a vital role in the development. Power cables will have an extremely bright prospect. The torrents will lead everyone to fully understand the power cables:


With the development of power cables, people do not know much about the types and applications of power cables. Power cables, including nuclear power cables, submarine cables, rail transit cables, oil platform cables, environmentally friendly wires and cables, and new energy cables, all have great potential for development, but at this stage China's wire and cable industry is very different. Serious, ordinary wire and cable products have experienced overcapacity, and with the increasing competition in the market.



benliu International tells us that when selecting a power cable, the cable cross section must be greater than the allowable current value. Some people think that it is a misunderstanding to select the wiring core section according to the allowable current value specified in the data to meet the normal operation of the cable. Since the above allowable current value is conditional, that is, the ambient temperature is 25 ° C, the core temperature is 65 ° C. In China's natural conditions, most of the summer _ temperature is 35 ° C ~ 40 ° C, plus the cable in the current-carrying operation of the core to dissipate heat, so the general cable trench temperature is still higher than the ambient temperature. When the ambient temperature is above 30 °C, the temperature of the power cable core can exceed 70 °C, exceeding the allowable temperature limit of the cable core, thus accelerating the thermal aging of the insulation layer, thus shortening the cable life. Therefore, when selecting the cable core cross section, the ambient temperature and multiple parallel correction factors must be considered. The resistance value of the power cable allows current and correction systems.

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